With over 60% of the human population living within 60km of the coastline, understanding the coastal environment, our coastal activities and our coastal impact is essential to guide sustainable and harmonious development into the future. However, the coastal environment is a challenging area to understand, due to the physical interface of two very heterogeneous domains and complex hydrodynamic and morphodynamic processes.

Satellite derived data can contain a wealth of information pertaining to our coastal environment and society, whilst providing information on both sides of the perceived divide at regular intervals over time. However, the sheer volume of data is proving difficult access, manage and process, inhibiting our capabilities to fully benefit from our EO potential.

Through the provision of access to large volumes of EO and in-situ data, computing resources, algorithm development space and fundamental processing software required to extract temporal and spatial information from Big Data, C-TEP shall provide a dedicated service for the observation and monitoring of our coastal environment and society.

Thematic Exploitation Platforms (TEPs) are innovative virtual platforms which aim to simplify the extraction of information from Earth Observation (EO) data. The ESA funded group of TEP projects, shall move the processing of data to the data source using cloud technology.

C-TEP is an online service, funded by ESA, which will provide access to an extensive archive of over 20 years of EO data, near-real-time (NRT) satellite data streams, in-situ measurements, and the tools necessary to process and extract information from said data.

The tools provided will support the advancement of scientific insight into dynamic marine processes and coastal interactions which will promote understanding of our dynamic and valuable coastlines.

sea surface temperature, SST, SAR, optical reflectance graph