What is C-TEP?

C-TEP is a data access service dedicated to improving the efficiently of data-intensive research into our dynamic coastal areas. The C-TEP platform shall provide advanced tools and data management resources to easily process and manage large volumes of coastal data and make it easily accessible to users.

C-TEP is an online service, funded by ESA, which will provide access to over 20 years of EO data, Near Real Time (NRT) EO data, non-space data and multi-sensor processing tools.

The tools provided will support the advancement of scientific insight into complex marine processes and coastal interactions, promoting a clearer understanding of our dynamic and valuable coastlines.  C-TEP will provide you with the ability to merge in-situ measurements with EO data, rapidly extract both temporal and spatial information, and conduct statistical analysis. In addition, C-TEP shall provide a platform for users to share knowledge, applications and algorithms, fostering collaborative analysis of our coastal areas by the scientific community, government agencies and the general public.

Why C-TEP?

The satellite EO and coastal maritime community is growing in size and importance, with the ever increasing amount of new projects and initiatives. As the diversity and complexity of EO data available continues to increase, the need for efficient data access, information extraction, data management and processing tools are key issues within today’s scientific world.  C-TEP moves the processing to the data, mitigating common problems such as data storage. With the ongoing launches of the Copernicus satellites, the issue of efficient management of large volumes of data that shall be a real concern for those involved in the maritime research and industry sectors.

The C-TEP platform is your gateway to seize advantage of coastal information held in over 20 years of satellite data measurement records, and near-real-time satellite data streams.  This gateway is being built to support our maritime management and R & D sectors through enhancing our capacity for online computing of satellite derived data.

C-TEP will provide a virtual platform for users interested in deriving information from EO data for a wide range of coastal fields of study e.g. climate change, economic development, habitat classification and coastal research. It does this by facilitating access to a range of key data and cutting edge processing tools through a cloud-based workspace.


  • To provide a virtual platform where EO data and in-situ coastal data may be accessed, processed, analysed and shared for the enhancement of our maritime management, research and R & D sectors.


In general, C-TEP shall facilitate fast and easy EO and coastal data discovery, algorithm development and validation capabilities by providing access to:

  • Over 20 years of archived and Near Real Time (NRT) satellite-derived EO data
  • Virtual computing/processing tools and Big Data exploitation methods
  • Support services and a community of practice
  • Forums and professional networks focused on open community collaboration