C-TEP Services


The C-TEP platform will allow users to easily exploit EO data for coastal applications by providing fast data access, state of the art processing capabilities and the ability to validate and analysis their own data. Users have the opportunity to extract information from EO and in-situ data by utilising processors from the C-TEP catalogue or by uploading their own processor.

C-TEP provides access to a range of tools, processors and capacity building services:

  • Access to a catalogue of data products from Earth Observation, in-situ measurements, and models
  • A personal data storage area
  • On-line interactive applications for visualization and data analysis
  • Remote processing services
  • A public forum
  • Processor and data sharing services


This short demo shall introduce just one of C-TEP’s many capabilities; How to discover Sentinel-2 imagery for your chosen location and time and apply an atmospheric correction.

Demo Video 1 – How to find Sentinel-2 data for a chosen location


Baltic sea map, sentinel-2, temperature

Mediterranean outline map