Use Cases

A selection of pilot case studies will be implemented within C-TEP to demonstrate the processing power and tools and services which will be available through the platform. Additional applications and use cases shall be developed and implemented during the course of the project. If you are interested in developing a pilot project, in your area of interest, please contact the C-TEP team via

SAFI: A project dedicated to aquaculture and fisheries, “powered” by Coastal TEP

safi-servicesThe objective of the SAFI (Supporting Aquaculture and Fisheries Industries) project is to exploit Earth Observation (EO) resources to support fisheries and aquaculture industries in marine coastal regions….



Satellite Altimetry for Storm Surge Observation

storm-surge-1Storm surges are events which can lead to strong damages on coastal areas. Tide gauges are generally used to measure variation in sea level due to storm surges….





Monitoring Coastal Change: Monitoring protected coastal areas using a semi-automatic change detection method
monitoring-coastal-changeCoastal areas are very sensitive eco-systems which frequently suffer from anthropogenic pressures (e.g. pollution, artificial settlement and the destruction of vegetation)….Read More   

Knowledge Extraction from EO Data

knowledge-discoveryThe C-TEP will incorporate research into new ways to extract information from Earth Observation (EO) data archives, in particular using semantic information…


The Mediterranean Pilot Case: Using Coastal TEP to create value added services

mediterraneanC-TEP Partner, Planetek, is currently developing a pilot project dedicated to the production of water quality indicators based on Earth Observation (EO) data….






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